What is the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

What is the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

October 29, 2019 3 By Marvin

My Series 1 Xbox Elite Wireless controller decided to break two days before the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Within a few hours of it breaking, I completed a bit of research and decided to pick up the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition. In this article, I will be sharing my first impressions and breaking down what is the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition.

Most people are happy with using stock controllers with their consoles, I’m not one of those people. Once you use a pro controller it’s hard to go back to stock.

What is the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition?



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One of the main things that people consider when purchasing a pro controller is the price. The Razer Wolverine Tournament comes in at USD $120 New and USD $83 Used on Amazon. Compare that to other pro controllers on the market and you will notice that it is one of the cheapest. For Example, The Microsoft Elite Wireless is USD 179 on Amazon.

It’s a lot of controller for the money, and out of the box, you can use this controller on PC or Xbox. The lack of wireless connectivity is also factored into the price.


The build of a pro controller is usually what sets it apart from stock controllers. The Wolverine Tournament is no exception, build quality is top-notch. In hand it has a premium feel to it, and the plastic used is high quality.



One thing you notice straight away is the weight, it is extremely light at 272 grams (not including the cable). This is important when it comes to long gaming sessions and hand fatigue. After a couple of days of 10+ hour sessions of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, I can report that they are very comfortable over time.

The rear of the controller has rubberized grips that feel great in hand. This allows for more control of the controller and it always feels secure. My favorite feature of the Wolverine Tournament is the tactile feel of all the buttons and triggers. Seriously, the A, B, Y, and X buttons sound and feel like mouse clicks, they are very satisfying to press. Feedback is immediate and the click is oddly rewarding.

Razer includes a braided micro USB cable that has a proprietary connection to the controller. Initially, I was a little bit worried about it being only a cable connection and the cable getting in the way. But after a bit of time with the controller, there is no reason to worry about the cable getting in the way. The cable also has a quick-release connection built-in, so you don’t have to worry about pulling your PC or Console over.


The Wolverine Tournament is a trimmed down version of the Wolverine Ultimate. By trimming a lot of “Extra” features, Razer has created a more focused product. You get the standard Xbox Controller layout plus 2 more triggers and 2 rear paddles/buttons. All the additional functions are in ergonomic positions, at no point do they feel awkward to activate.

There are hair-trigger controls on the rear triggers, this allows you to adjust the amount of travel on the trigger before it registers. I’m sure this feature alone has helped me get the first shot off multiple times over a stock controller.

I wish Razer had included interchangeable Analog sticks to customize the height, but they haven’t. That being said, the stock analog sticks are still mile better than the stock controller analog sticks. It wouldn’t be a Razer product if it didn’t include RGB lighting. Surrounding the Xbox logo is customizable RGB lighting that screams gamer aesthetic.

As I mentioned above, this controller isn’t wireless. It has a permanent wired connection, and I can see why Razer did this, wired is always better for latency. A wired connection is also good for transporting and not having to charge the controller. Razer intended this controller to be used in a tournament environment, hence the name.


Every button and trigger on the Wolverine Tournament is remappable. This is done through the Razer Synapse app. You can download this App on Xbox or PC, and it’s cloud-based, so all your settings can be shared between platforms.

Synapse is a pleasure to use, it is easily the best remapping software I have ever used. There is a short tutorial, but everything is pretty self-explanatory. You can remap all buttons and triggers, change analog response curves, adjust vibration strength, and customize the RGB strip.


It allows you to create various profiles that you can adjust on the fly by opening the App when in a game, it won’t close your game; it will keep it running. I wish it was a physical button to switch profiles, this would make it easier.

What is the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition – Summary

I’m sure you can tell from the above, but I don’t have many bad things to say about the Razer Wolverine Tournament. Now, this isn’t because my Elite Wireless Controller died, I liked that one as well. But, I never used the rear paddles on the Elite Wireless, to be honest, and I can’t stop using the rear paddles on the Wolverine Tournament. It does take a little bit of re-training, but once you have it down, it makes everything easier. Not having to take my thumbs of analog sticks to press buttons is a big advantage over the competition.

There are minimal drawbacks with this controller. It has great build quality, great button, and trigger feel, button remapping, and RGB lighting. I have no issue recommending this controller, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Wolverine Tournament is a steal.

Hopefully, I’ve broken down What is the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition. If you feel like I did, comment below. If you feel like I didn’t, comment below and let me know why.