What is the Best Xbox One Controller?

What is the Best Xbox One Controller?

October 15, 2019 6 By Marvin

Call it a placebo effect, but when I have the perfect controller in my hands I feel unstoppable. You are here because you want to know what is the best Xbox One Controller. There is nothing wrong with the stock controller, and Xbox makes the best looking limited edition controllers. But third party manufacturers have tinkered and improved its formula drastically over the years.

I mainly play FPS games and I have gone through at least 5 stock controllers since I purchased my Xbox One S. I’m looking at upgrading before the new Call of Duty gets released, so I thought I would make a list of the best controllers on the market. Disclaimer, all the controllers I will be mentioning cost significantly more than a standard controller, but they all have extra functionality and are a big step up in quality. Keep in mind, all the controllers will also be compatible with PC.

What is the Best Xbox One Controller?

Scuf Prestige

What is the Best Xbox One Controller

CREDIT – Scuf.com

Scuf easily make some of the best third party controllers for any console. The Scuf Prestige is their Hero Xbox One controller. It maintains the classic form factor but adds extra functionality.

You get 4 removable and remappable paddles at the back of the controller. It has quick shift trigger stops to reduce the amount of travel on the triggers for more immediate input. You can fine-tune the hair triggers with the Scuf Key, for that extra level of customization.

The faceplate is attached with magnets and it is easy to remove and customize the look of the controller. Both left and right thumbsticks can be removed and changed to different heights as well. One thing the standard Xbox controller struggles with is grip, Scuf has fixed this by adding textured rubber grips to the sides and rear of the Prestige. Scuf do customization right and offer numerous colors when building you controller online

Scuf claim you get up to 30 hours of wireless usage from its onboard lithium-ion batteries. If for whatever reason your battery runs out, you can connect it to your Xbox via USB, no need for AA batteries. The Prestige connects straight up to an Xbox One the same way you would first connect a Standard Controller. Scuf also claims that this controller is 267 grams, which is the lightest of all pro controllers.

The Scuf Prestige costs USD 176.34, which is significantly more than a standard controller. If you are serious about customization, you can build your perfect controller online.

Elite Wireless Series 2

what is the best xbox one controller


Microsoft knocked it out of the park with the Elite Wireless Controller Series 1. So much so, the Elite Wireless has been my daily driver over the last year. Even though the Series 1 was great, the Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 aims to improve it.

You get a couple of new features with the Series 2. Microsoft has added new adjustable-tension thumbsticks, this is a great new feature allowing another level of customization. You can still change out both analog sticks as well as the D-Pad. They have added an onboard rechargeable battery, this is a welcomed addition, the series one still used AA batteries. Microsoft claims a 40-hour battery life. The Series 2 comes with a charging dock and can be charged inside the carry case. Charging is now done through a USB-C cable as well, good to see.

Existing features have also been enhanced. It now has three levels of hair-trigger customization, the series 1 has two levels. The four rear paddles have been refined to provide a more ergonomic layout. There is also a companion app that you install on your Xbox, it allows for unlimited customization of all controller buttons, triggers, and functions. You can create three-button profiles and switch profiles on the fly with a single button press in the middle of the controller.

It looks like Microsoft has taken on all feedback and made the changes consumers wanted. Bravo Microsoft. You can still do everything the Series 1 did well and then some

The Microsoft Elite Wireless Series 2 gets released on 04/11/2019 and you can preorder it now on Amazon for USD 179.99.

Microsoft APAC

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

What is the best Xbox One Controller


Razer is known for its numerous PC peripherals and RGB chroma lighting. In recent years they have released a couple of pro controller options. The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a serious pro controller for Xbox. So serious, it isn’t wireless, this is very much a competition-spec controller. Wireless connectivity is extremely good in 2019, but there will always be latency. Razer has opted to go with a wired connection for this reason.

You can remap all buttons and triggers, and change the D-Pad and Analog Sticks on the fly. Razer has added 4 rear buttons and 2 extra triggers at the top of the controller. The two new triggers have hair-trigger customization as well. You also get the addition of Chroma Lighting for that extra gaming feel.

One thing the Wolverine Ultimate does that other pro controllers don’t, the addition of a Quick Control Panel. At the bottom of the controller, you have 4 extra buttons. You can switch profiles, change controller profile, adjust game volume, and mic mute. To get full functionality out of the Wolverine you will need to install the Razer Synapse app on your Xbox. This is how you will customize and remap the controller.

Razer also makes a bare-bones model of this controller, the Razer Wolverine Tournament. It has all the same functionality minus the quick control panel. The Razer Wolverine Ultimate costs USD 139, and the Wolverine Tournament for USD 120.

Sport Edition Xbox Controllers

What is the best Xbox One Controller


The above options are all for hardcore gamers. If you are a casual gamer,

the Sport Edition Xbox Controllers are for you. The Sport adds rubberized grips and remappable buttons. Build quality is good and seems like a slight bump up from the standard controller quality.

Sport Edition Xbox Controllers won’t break the bank. You can pick them up for $69.99USD


If you are wanting to step up your gaming experience Pro controllers are the way to go. Like I said at the start when I have the perfect controller in my hands I feel unstoppable. So what is the best Xbox One controller? The Scuf Prestige, Elite Wireless Series 2, and Razer Wolverine Ultimate are all phenomenal products that tick all the boxes. They all have slight differences that will appeal to some more than others.

Personally, the Elite WIreless 2 seems like my Winner, and the Razer Wolverine Ultimate would be my Runner Up. I love everything Microsoft has done to improve on the Series 1. I look forward to giving you a full review when my order gets in.

Which controller do you like best? Comment below and let me know