What is the Best Smart Watch?

What is the Best Smart Watch?

May 30, 2018 12 By Marvin

Smartwatches are the gateway drug to wearable technology. In their current form, smartwatches are an extension of your mobile phone, in the future, smartwatches will be standalone, completely independent pieces of tech. With all the options out there at the moment, I’m forever answering the question of “What is the best Smart Watch?”. What makes a good Smart Watch? Design, Functionality, Health Tracking and Battery Life. Let’s go through all the criteria and then I will give my opinion on the Best Smart Watch.


The design will always be the first point on a great Smart Watch. Smart Watches are always in public view on your wrist and you want them to look good. You wouldn’t consciously wear clothes that don’t make you look and feel good and the same goes for what you wear on your wrists. Gone are the days of very obvious “Nerdy” looking Smart Watches. You want a watch that looks stunning and turns heads. Comfort and premium materials are also a must-have.


Not only do Smart Watches do what traditional watches do, like tell the time. Smart Watches have a lot of extra features like GPS tracking, Searching the internet with your voice, Receiving phone notifications on your wrist, Onboard music storage, Fitness Tracking, and native APP support. The best Smart Watch needs to be intuitive to use and easy to learn.

Health Tracking

Health tracking is another big selling point for the best Smart Watch, killing two birds with one stone essentially. Every man and his dog owns a Fitness Tracker, it is very 2018 for you to be monitoring your steps, heart rate and calories 24/7. For a Smart Watch to be considered the best it needs to integrate this trendy feature and do it well.

Battery Life

The best Smart Watch needs to be able to last all day at minimum, and regardless of how much you use it. It’s inexcusable to carry around a dead Smart Watch on your wrist in 2018 and you shouldn’t have to carry around a charger for your watch.

The Best Overall

Apple Watch Series 3


Product – Apple Watch Series 3

Price – $359 USD ( Base version, 42MM without LTE )

Cheapest Place to Buy – Amazon.com


  • Very Snappy Performance
  • Good Fitness Tracking
  • Bright and Clear Display
  • Good Battery Life on Non-LTE Version
  • Apple Pay is brilliant


  • LTE Destroys the battery life
  • All Apple Watches look the same
  • Only iPhone Compatible

If you are already plugged into the Apple ecosystem and are looking for a Smart Watch, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the best Smart Watch in the world for you. If you aren’t in the Apple ecosystem the best Smart Watch at this point in time is just out of your reach.

It looks like 3rd time is the charm for Apple, the Series 3 is essentially the Series 2 with new internals. The S3 gets a dual-core processor that is 70% better than the S2. The wireless connectivity has also been improved.


LTE is a newly added feature on Series 3, so this gives you the ability to leave your phone at home and still retain all functionality. One cool LTE feature is the ability to use just one phone number between your phone and watch. The only drawback of the LTE model is it drains the battery very fast, the non-LTE model will give you around 3 days battery life on a single charge.

The design of the Series 3 is quintessentially Apple and in my opinion, it’s the one drawback of the Apple Watch. When you own an Apple Watch you notice that every Apple Watch looks the same. You can change out the propriety watch straps with a few different material options to make your device stand out from the crowd. You can get the watch in Stainless Steel, Rose Gold, Grey, Black and Silver Aluminum. The Apple Watch comes in 38mm and 42mm styles.What-is-the-best-smart-watch

The Apple watch is feature-packed including mobile payments with Apple Pay, GPS, Heart Rate Monitoring Full Waterproofing and access to thousands of Applications. Apple interface is simple to use and very familiar with Apple WatchOS. The Apple Watch has built-in Fitness Tracking capabilities and can replace your standalone fitness tracker killing two birds with one stone.

WatchOS is the most developed of the Smart Watch interfaces and it perfectly combines fitness and lifestyle aspects in well-designed and strong performing package.



Best Value for Money Smart Watch

Huawei Watch 2

Price – $267 USD

Cheapest Place to Buy – Amazon.com


  • Built-in GPS and NFC
  • Loads of Features
  • Rugged Design
  • Good Battery Life


  • Less premium than the First Huawei Watch
  • Choppy Performance
  • Small Display
  • No Waterproofing

If you hold the Huawei Watch 2 up next to the Apple Watch Series 3, you will notice straight away why the Series 3 demands such a premium. Material for material the Apple Watch is better. If you don’t own an iPhone then there are a lot of other alternatives out there.

The Huawei Watch 2 represents great value and is packed with features. If you don’t like the rectangular design of the Apple Watch the circular design of Huawei Watch 2 is more traditional and looks like a modern G Shock.

What is your opinion on the Best Smart Watch? Do you agree with my choice of the Apple Watch Series 3? Comment below and let me know.

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