What is Amazon Echo Spot? – Product Review

What is Amazon Echo Spot? – Product Review

May 21, 2018 12 By Marvin

Have you ever looked up something on your Amazon smart speaker and thought “this answer would make more sense if I could see it”. Introducing the bastard child of a magic eight ball and Amazon Alexa the Echo Spot. So what is Amazon Echo Spot and who is it for? That’s what I will be going through today.

Product Amazon Echo Spot

Price – $129.99

Cheapest Place to BuyAmazon.com



The first thing that must be said is, the Echo Spot is easily Amazon’s best looking Alexa equipped device. Hands down they nailed it on this one. Now, it’s not designed to disappear into the background of a room, its made to be seen and won’t be out of place on your side table as an ugly alarm clock replacement or on a table or bookshelf in your house.

Its spherical design is a welcomed change to all the monotony of the current smart speaker cylindrical landscape. It’s fairly compact in design and doesn’t dominate a room like most of its Amazon siblings. Amazon wanted to make a point that this is more than an alarm clock replacement, even though the round design and circular screen would say otherwise.


The spot comes in 2 colors, white or black. It stands at 104mm high which makes it only slightly taller than the Echo Dot. On top of the device, there are 3 buttons, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mic off/ on. There is also a 4 mic array on top to help Spot hear you better.

In front there is a modest screen that is 2.5 inches (480 x 480 pixels), the speaker grill is on the base of the device making it all but invisible from normal viewing angles. There is a 3.5mm audio jack around the back as well as a power cable.



The Spot has a fair bit of functionality and the performance really depends on what you purchase the device for exactly. As a bedroom alarm/clock replacement, the Spot does exceptionally well and even has night mode so it is less of a nightlight. You can choose from a lot of different clock faces to customize it to your style

You can read messages and make calls with the spot as well as stream video. When you do watch a video the Spot will play the video in 16:9, which can be a little weird at first and a little small, the spot gives you the option of zooming in on the video, which is weird at first but you get used to it on the Spot.

The Spot has a “Drop-In” video call feature that you can utilize between devices and works very similar to face time. You can also “Drop-In” with people in your phone book, they just have to allow it on their end.

There is the functionality to hook up a smart camera from a doorbell, nursery cam, etc. This makes the Spot a great device to keep an eye on the things that matter, just check the compatibility as it doesn’t work with all makes and models.


Unlike the speaker on the Echo Dot which is only good for voice commands, the speaker on the Spot is surprisingly competent although you would still hook it up to an external speaker if you are thinking of using it to listen to music.


The Echo Spot is a very good Alexa enabled device and if you own an Echo Dot, this would be the device to upgrade to.

The Spot stands out amongst its peers because of its design and functionality. The addition of the screen definitely adds subtle features that enhance the user experience.

I stand firm in saying that there are very few “Smart Speakers” that you can use as a standalone speaker for audio purposes, but again, this is not why you would pick up this device.

If you are already plugged into the Amazon Echo ecosystem and you don’t own the Echo Spot, then this device is for you. Like other Echo devices, Amazon wants you to own multiples of their device throughout your home so that you always have access to Alexa.


Side Table Clock

Product – Amazon Echo Spot

Price – $129.99

Cheapest Place to Buy – Amazon.com

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