The Best Smart Ring – Oura Ring

The Best Smart Ring – Oura Ring

June 8, 2018 13 By Marvin

Not everyone likes wearing a Smart Watch or Fitness Tracker. In the sea of Apple Watches and Fitbits, it’s always good to ask “are there any alternatives?”, the answer is yes. One very viable alternative is the increasingly popular Smart Ring.

Smart Ring’s take all the functionality of a fitness tracker and squeeze it into a ring form factor. Giving you the freedom to wear something more stylish on your hands and getting rid of ugly Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers (let’s be honest, most Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers don’t come close to a good-looking traditional watch or ring).

So what is the best Smart Ring? There are a few alternatives, I will go through the Top 4 Smart Rings in my opinion and announce a winner at the end. Enjoy!



The CNICK Ring presents itself as the first Smart Wooden Ring with NFC capability. I guarantee you, you will never find a better looking Smart Ring. The finish on the CNICK is second to none, and the materials are as premium as they come. Before a ring is made, every piece of wood is precisely selected for manufacturing. This ring is also the first Eco – friendly Smart Ring. The CNICK Ring comes in a variety of different colors and sizes and the logo even glows in the dark!, it’s also completely waterproof and CNICK promises that the color will never fade.

When it comes to features, as always I’m a big fan of not having to charge things and the CNICK Ring ticks that box. If you have an NFC enabled phone you can write secure information onto the ring and enable it to be passed to another phone just by touch (very spy-like). If your workplace, apartment or gym uses RFID cards to access, you can get whoever activates the cards to add and activate that information on your ring.

The most basic feature on this ring is the ability to assign specific functions to the NFC chip that allows you to touch your phone and active specific functions instantly IE Camera, Flash Light, Unlock Phone.

If your looking for a Smart Ring that is well-made, feels premium, you don’t have to charge and has basic access functionality then the CNICK Ring is for you.

Oura Ring – Heritage & Balance

The Oura Ring’s tagline is “The Smart Ring that helps you get more restorative sleep”. The second version of the Oura

Ring is much more aesthetically pleasing than the first. The second version is Smaller, has up to 7 days battery, 10x more processing power, more color and design options, enhanced activity tracking and wireless charging. It maintains all the features of the first as well: Night Time ECG-level resting heart rate, Sleep stages, Sleep Timing, Duration and Quality, Respiratory Rate, Body Temp sensor, Movements and daily rhythms, Activity Tracking.

The design of the Oura Ring is a standout feature, it’s made from Titanium with a scratch resistant diamond-like carbon coating. Titanium makes this ring ultra light-weight and its overall design is sleek and premium, it comes in Silver, Black, Rose, and Stealth, Stealth being my favorite. Due to its high quality build the Oura Ring is waterproof up to 100m.

The Oura App is another stand out feature and is one of the best in class. Its simple to use and won’t provide in-depth analysis like a FitBit but that isn’t the goal. Oura Ring doesn’t want to focus on being a pure fitness tracker, but would rather focus on sleep and recovery from mental and physical stress. Due to the built-in gyroscope, the ring doesn’t track activity and heart rate 24/7 and logs activity only when moving.

The Oura Ring shines when it comes to recovery and rest. It will give you guidance on how to align your circadian rhythm, optimal bedtimes, naps and restful moments, long-term trends and insights throughout the day, all based on your actions throughout the day.

To Purchase the Oura Ring – Head to



The NFC Ring OPN is one of the simplest looking and more refined Smart Rings. It only contains the basics but what it does, it does well. The ring is made from a scratch-resistant ceramic and is made to stand out. It comes in either a Gloss White or Gloss Black.

Like other ring’s mentioned above, you don’t have to charge this ring at all. You get the NFC functionality which allows you to access your phone and certain apps on your phone with a single touch. If you have an NFC door lock you can unlock and lock it. No RFID to be found so unfortunately, you won’t be able to access your gym or workplace with the NFC Ring. You can transfer data between phones by touch and it is completely waterproof up to 50m.

The NFC Ring OPN doesn’t have tap to pay functionality, but there are other ring’s that NFC Ring makes that do have this feature. If you don’t like the look of the OPN then there is a variety of models to choose from.

The NFC Ring OPN is a good-looking Smart Ring with basic functionality, I recommend the OPN for those that are looking for something that looks a little more premium.

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Motiv Ring

The Motiv Ring bucks the trend of NFC and RFID functionality and adds full-blown Fitness Tracker functionality. The Motiv Ring wants you to throw away your FitBit’s and Apple Watches.


This elegant Smart Ring is made from Titanium and Plastic, it comes in a Gray Titanium or a Rose Gold color, unfortunately, it does have to be charged every 3 days. The Lithium Ion battery can be fully charged in 90 minutes via a proprietary charger. This ring is also waterproof up to 50 meters.

The real fun begins when it comes to its Fitness Tracking capabilities. You get all the standard stuff: Heart Rate Monitoring, Active Minutes, Calories Burned, Distance, Activity Types, Sleep Duration, Resting Heart Rate and Steps. All the info is Synced via Bluetooth to your phone.

Now your not going to get FitBit levels of depth on the tracked data so it’s probably not for full-time athletes, but for the active individual that works out a few days a week and likes to track steps, calories, and sleep, the Motiv Ring is for you.

The Motiv ring is easily the one of the more expensive smart ring’s and at the same time takes all that is trendy in a fitness tracker and reduces it to the size of a 10c coin.

Price – $199.99 USD

Where to Buy –


The Winner

To be honest, all these ring’s are so different and do things well in their own way, but I still need to crown a winner. In my opinion, if I was to choose a ring I would wear daily and get the most out of, I would choose the Oura Ring.


Why the Oura Ring? for me personally, the ring’s rest and recovery features with its base fitness tracking and titanium design, give me what I would want out of a Smart Ring. I hold recovery higher than everything, I enjoy sleep, I enjoy rest and I enjoy getting the most out of them both. If you are like me you will love the Oura Ring

Honorable Mention

The CNICK Ring, I have to mention this ring. It’s hard to go past this stylish and premium ring made from wood. Not as much functionality as the winner but way more bang for your buck. As one of the cheapest ring’s mentioned today, if all you want is basic NFC and RFID functionality then you need to pick this one up.

What do you think of Smart Rings? What functionality would you like to see in a Smart Ring? Comment below and let me know