Spire Health Tags – Interesting Tech

Spire Health Tags – Interesting Tech

June 5, 2018 11 By Marvin

As you all know, I am completely obsessed with Wearable Technology and every now and then I will stumble on a product that is new and different. What would you define Wearable Technology as? In its current iteration, Wearable Tech is something you have to remember to put on yourself, charge overnight and is little more than an expensive extension of your phone. Some do it better than others, like the Apple Watch Series 3, but more often than not they exist to notify you that something is going on, on your phone.

That’s until I stumbled upon, Spire Health Tags Health Tags. Spire is a very interesting company that approaches the wearable from a very different angle. My first impression of the Health Tags was that these look different and I need to find out more.



My first impression of the Spire Health Tags was one of excitement, I have never seen anything like it before. The


tagline ” Make Your Clothes Smart” also stood out to me. Spire also asks, “What if your clothes could keep you healthy?”

You attach Spire Health Tags to any piece of clothing that you are wearing, Spire recommends you attach them to the clothing you wear most often, IE Gym Clothes, Underwear, Pajamas. The health tags use a proprietary sensor to measure your Activity, Heart Rate and HRV, Sleep Quality, Breathing Patterns and Stress Levels.

The best thing about the Spire Health Tags is its set and forget application. It has a battery life of 1.5 years with no charging needed, Works with your existing clothes and is Waterproof and Washer and Dryer safe. Can you name any other fitness tracker that has this set and forget ability? Go on I’ll wait…..

To best use the Health Tags, Spire recommends you get multiple. They come in a pack of 1, 3, 8 or 15, so you can place them on all your favorite clothes.


Imagine applying the health tags to you brief’s, bra’s and whatever underwear you own. Going to the Gym, Work and then whatever else you do on a daily basis with your clothes on. Never once having to glance down at your wrist but only ever getting prompts on your phone to best help you achieve your daily goal based on the parameters mentioned above.

Imagine going to bed and putting on your pajamas only to wake up in the morning and get feedback on your sleep and how you could improve it.


The practicality of the Spire Health Tags is what is most attractive, to me anyway. I do feel like most people agree with me when I say “I love new tech but I don’t enjoy having another proprietary charging dock and cable”, not having to charge these bad boys is what I like the most and I hope the new generation of Tech is takings some notes.

Like other fitness trackers, when you want to check up on how you’re tracking towards your goals, all you do is log onto the App on your phone and the tags sync via Bluetooth. Pretty standard with all health trackers


The Spire Health Tags represent something different, something that you don’t see every day. Spire is a company that is thinking outside the box and it really shows. What Spire has done, is created a wearable that you can forget your wearing, a wearable that disappears, a wearable that you don’t have to charge, and a wearable that has the full functionality of a fitness tracker that you would usually have on your wrist.

How to Buy

The Spire Health Tags come in a few different packs:

1 Pack – $49 USD

3 Pack – $99 USD

8 Pack – $199 USD (Recommended)

15 Pack – $299 USD

Orders Ship in Late Spring 2018 and you can pick up Spire Health Tags Here

Did you enjoy this Interesting Tech? What is your favorite Fitness Tracker?