Pamu Slide Review

Pamu Slide Review

October 2, 2019 10 By Marvin

I have been waiting a while for these to be delivered and they are finally here. They were delivered 5 days ago, so this article will be more of quick first impressions rather than a full-on Pamu Slide Review. After a few weeks of real-world use, I will put together a full review.

Since you are here I’m assuming you are doing some research on the Pamu Slide and whether you should order a pair. For everyone else that has stumbled upon this article let me give you a quick summary of these True Wireless Earbuds and their origin. The Slides are made by Padmate, which is a Chinese based company. They have released a few different wireless earbuds over the years, the Pamu X12, Pamu Tempo, Pamu X13, Pamu Scroll, and the Pamu Slide.

Pamu Slide Origin

All of their projects have been funded/launched on Indiegogo first before heading into mass production. Their most recent campaign was their most successful, the Pamu Slides. Padmate crowdfunded $6,570,173 by 82,701, one of the most successful wireless earbud campaigns in Indiegogo history. This is due to a very successful marketing campaign and innovative design.

The marketing campaign heavily focused on professional sports backers like Tracy McGrady, Spencer Dinwiddie, and D.J Augustin. This is a familiar strategy used by companies like Beats and Nike, and it works.

Padmate also promised some great features such as; Touch Control, All-Day Comfort, Powerful Bass, Auto Pairing, Bluetooth 5.0, 60 Hour Play Time, Type-C Fast Charge, IPX6 Sweat Proof, and Wireless Charger. One hell of a list.

First Impressions


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Let’s get into it, the unboxing is a fairly standard experience, nothing too flashy or complicated. I can’t speak for other models but I got the black color and it comes in a matte black box. When you open it, its also pretty standard, you are greeted the earbuds sitting outside charger. Underneath the charger is the owner’s manual, USB-C cable (No charging brick included), and different size ear tips. It’s all nice and neatly packaged, with no complaints. First tick for the Pamu Slide review.

How do the Pamu Slide Sound?

To be honest, before I received these I thought that maybe it was going to be all hype and sound terrible. I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised, these sound pretty good. My last pair of “Wireless Earbuds” were the Beats X so I’m going to use them as my current benchmark. Out of the box, the Pamu Slide is on par with the Beats X when it comes to Bass, but far surpass it with the Highs and Mids.

After further testing, I’ll be able to give a more comprehensive breakdown of the sound, but for now, they sound great.

Are they Comfortable?

These are my first pair of True Wireless Earbuds and they are very comfortable. I have tried on the AirPods in the past and they don’t fit my ears and if I shove them in they are very uncomfortable. These come with 9 different sized ear tips so you can customize each ear individually for a personalized fit. The top of these earbuds have a rubberized coating that helps secure the Pamu Slides in place, and once you find the right size ear tips these isolate the outside world fairly well.


I was surprised by how secure these are. I nearly gave myself a headache trying to shake my head vigorously to dislodge them with no luck. I have used them at the gym and have gone out my way to do Burpees and Plyometrics, and still, they stay put. It’s quite impressive and it’s something you won’t get from many other True Wireless Earbuds. These are also IPX6 Sweat Proof, which I another huge bonus.

Pamu Slide Battery Life

Padmate claims that these have an onboard battery that will last 10 hours, and the charging case has an additional 5 full charges. Out of the box, you are advised to charge the case fully, but mine came pretty much fully charged. 5 days in, and I haven’t had to charge the case once, it’s still showing a full battery. To be honest I don’t know if I will ever fully drain the earbuds or case. I can’t think of any situation where I would need to wear these all day, but I might devise some testing to see how true the claims are.

I have to mention the Qi-Wireless charging case, it’s pretty gimmicky, but I can see how it would help in a sticky situation. I have only ever used it to show what the case is capable of. In the next review, I will test out how effective it is as a charger.


What are the Cons?

  1. So far I have experienced very few issues, and I say few and not none because I have experienced a couple. Out of the box they paired instantly and worked like a dream.
  2. The second time I pulled them out the right earbud started to crackle and distort, I panicked a little. I blew the right earbud like a super Nintendo cartridge and it went back to normal. It hasn’t happened again since then.
  3. I tried pairing the earbuds once and it wouldn’t pick up the right earbud. I placed both earbuds back in the case and removed them again, this time both synced up fine. Since the first instance, it happened 2 more times.
  4. Now I hate to bring it up, but Padmate’s customer service is terrible. I’m sure you have seen it in other reviews, and those reviews are true. It took almost 3 months for me to receive my Earbuds, 3 Months!. Throughout the entire process, I received little to no communication, besides a monthly update of how the campaign was going. Hopefully, this was just due to the sheer amount of orders they received. When you can purchase these direct, here’s hoping the issues are resolved.

So far, these are the only faults I have come across, I will document any others that occur over the coming weeks and include them in the full Pamu Slide Review.

Pamu Slide First Impression Summary

Time will tell if these are what was promised, so far my first impressions are good. Let’s see if the Pamu Slide holds up to a few months of workouts and casual use. To be fair, the few technical problems I have come across, I also came across with the Beats X later in its life. That was my quick Pamu Slide Review, in a few months I will revisit these and let you know how they are going.

Thanks for reading. If you like the Pamu Side Review feel free to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, comment down below.