Google Home vs Google Home Mini

Google Home vs Google Home Mini

May 15, 2018 8 By Marvin

There are many smart speakers out there at the moment but I thought Id take some time and do a Google Home vs Google Home Mini review to help you decide which one is best for you and how they compare.

As we go through the review I will declare a winner of each section and then an overall winner at the end.

Product – Google Home


Price – $129 USD (Retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy : TBA

 Product – Google Home Mini


Price – $49 USD (Retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy : Walmart – Google Home Mini – Charcoal


I’m not going to go into what a smart speaker does, we should all know that by now. With both the Home and Mini all you need to say is “OK GOOGLE” and you have all the functionality of the google assistant.



When it comes to hand controls on the devices, that’s where they differentiate. Google Home has a touch-sensitivearea on top that you can control it from with touch gestures, volume up/down, play, pause, stop and long press to hail google assistant, It also lights up with LED’s. Mic on/off is located on the side of the device as well.

Google Mini has all the above functionality without the touch sensitive area. Instead, you touch the side of the device with either a long or short press to perform different functions. There is no gesture to call up google besides saying “OK GOOGLE” and the mic on/off is a physical button on the side.

Winner – Google Home. The controls are more intuitive and easier to implement


The design of the 2 devices is similar yet different and you can definitely tell that they are part of the same family. Both devices are designed to look good in a home or office, and blend into the decor.

Google Home stands at 5.62 inches tall and 3.79 inches wide, the body of the device is white and the base/speaker cover can be switched out for a different look and feel, Google offers fabric shells in “Mango”, “Marine”, and “Violet” color finishes, and metallic shells in “Carbon”, “Copper”, and “Snow” finishes


Google Mini stands at 1.62 inches tall and 3.89 inches wide, the entire device is covered in a fabric cover that can’t be changed. When purchasing you have the color choices of Chalk, Charcoal and Coral.

Winner – Google Home. The design and the ability to change the look and feel of the device whenever you like makes it the winner again.


One of the most important features besides the smart capabilities of a smart speaker is the speaker. Google Home and Mini both have access to a wide variety of streaming services such as Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and Pandora

The Google Home has 2 stereo speakers with 51mm drivers and is a surprisingly capable setup. Music doesn’t sound as good as independent Bluetooth speakers in its price range, but you can comfortably listen to music as background noise or in a solo setting.

The Google Mini has 1 speaker with a 41mm driver. The small speaker sounds better than expected but I still wouldn’t be listening to music on it.

Winner – Google Home. Size really does matter on this one and two 51mm stereo speakers will always beat a single 41mm speaker.


Google Home and Google Mini are competitively priced in the space and competitively priced for what is essentially a luxury item.

Google Home has the disadvantage of having a more robust form factor and better speakers. This drives the price up $129 USD (Retail)


Google Home Mini has the advantage of having fewer speakers and being 3.4x smaller than the Home. This drives the price down to $49 USD (Retail)

Winner – Google Home Mini. There is no competing with the price of the Mini


Both the Google Home and Home Mini share the same functionality and access to the Google ecosystem. What distinguishes the 2 is their audio capabilities and form factor. Personally, I wouldn’t throw out my Hi-Fi or UE Wonderboom if I was basing my decision of audio capabilities, keeping that in mind, you aren’t buying a Bluetooth speaker you are buying a smart speaker with a virtual assistant included.

So the winner of Google Home vs Google Home Mini is…

The Google Home

Winning 3/4 of the categories you can’t go past the Google Home for your first smart speaker.

The Mini is still a very capable competitor and I definitely recommend it to people that already have an introduction to smart speakers and want to expand their collection.

Thanks for reading this versus review. What is your favorite Smart Speaker ? Comment below and let me know.