Best Xbox One Controller for Fortnite

Best Xbox One Controller for Fortnite

October 2, 2018 14 By Marvin

Seeing as my Fortnite accessories for Nintendo Switch article was so popular I thought it would be a dis-service to not create a similar article for the Xbox One user as well, especially seeing as I’m one of those Xbox One users that play Fortnite. I’m sorry to say, but the best and easiest way to increase your Fortnite skill is to play the game religiously. Although, you can assist your game like the Pros do with the use of “Elite” controllers, once you get to practicing with these controllers you will be able to build quicker, aim better and game longer, I have created a quick list of controllers and at the end I will crown the best Xbox One Controller for Fortnite.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is Microsofts answer to the eSports craze that is currently sweeping the globe. It provides a heap of customization and control. From the second you pick up the Elite Controller you will notice it feels quite a bit heavier than the standard controller, that’s due to the strengthening of materials and the additional controls. The triggers, D-Pad and analogue sticks are now made out of metal and the rubbery grips feel great in hand.


The top triggers have also been revamped and the addition of hair trigger control allows another level of customization. You will also get 4 rear paddles that you can add to the controller and map to any button.

It’s not all positives, the price tag is premium and it doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery which I feel it should at this price point. In the past you wold have to seek out third party options to fulfill your competitive gaming needs, that is not the case anymore.

Price : $149.88 USD

Where can I buy this :


Build quality

Easy to change our components



No rechargeable battery pack

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer is known for the quality of their gamer centric systems and peripherals, that pedigree is evident immediately when you look at the Wolverine Ultimate. Straight away the RGB lighting gives this controller a hardcore gamer look, that coupled with the matte black styling completes the stealth look.


This controller in hand feels very similar to the Xbox Elite controller and the only immediately noticeable difference would be how much lighter it feels. Even though it is lighter it still feels premium in hand. The Wolverine Ultimate comes with numerous Analog and D Pads that are easily interchangeable due to the clever use of magnets. In front its business as usual with the traditional Xbox One layout and in my opinion some of the best tactile feeling X, Y,B and A buttons. On the bottom you will find an additional 4 button quick control panel allowing you to switch profiles, control RGB effects, headset volume and mic on and off. On the rear you will find 2 re mappable bumpers and 4 additional triggers.

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate comes with an amazing app for Xbox One that allows a simple interface to customize your button layout. The only gripe I have with this controller is the lack of wireless support and even though im not a fan, I know that Razer developed this controller with competitive gamers in mind and not the casual lounging gamer.

Given the price of the controller coming in at a premium over the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, you need to think long and hard about how much you are going to use this bad boy, if the answer is daily for multiple hours then the Razer Wolverine Ultimate is for you. If you like the Wolverine but cant justify the price tag, Razer also has the Wolverine Tournament Edition that offers similar functionality at a lower price.

Price : $159.99 USD

Where can I buy this :


Build quality

4 button control panel

Simple App

Button Feel


Wired connection only

More expensive than the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Scuf Infinity 1

I would not be a very good reviewer if I didn’t mention Scuf Gaming and the Xbox One line of controllers. Scuf claim that 90% of pros use their controllers and as far as I can tell its due to their almost unlimited level of customization and build quality. The Scuf Infinity 1 can look and feel however you want it to but regardless of the look, it will feel premium.

Much like the other controllers mentioned, the Infinity 1 allows you to switch out the D Pad, Analog Sticks and the 4 additional paddles on the rear and you can customize hair triggers and trigger stops to your play style. Scuf has created a few patents to help with customizing controller layout and you won’t find an accompanying Xbox App to assign the rear paddles, Scuf has a patented Electro Magnetic Remapping key that allows you to assign the front buttons to the rear paddles on the fly. The grips on these are amazing, the soft rubber is super grippy and no matter how clammy your hands get, the controller will always be secure.


In my opinion, the only negative to the Infinity 1 and Scuf is all their proprietary tools used to customize the controller, if you lose the Electro Magnetic Remapping Key you’re screwed, if you lose the key used to change the thumb sticks you’re screwed. Yes this sort of system is slightly more secure than the magnetic system but if you misplace the tools you’re going to have a bad time.

Once you have customized the look, feel and performance of the Infinity 1 it will be uniquely yours. This level of customization doesn’t come cheap, but if you are in the market for a competition spec controller you already know that and it is comparable to both controllers mentioned above.

Price : $196.69 USD (All Options)

Where can I buy this –


Fully customisable


Super comfy in hand

On the fly button re-mapping


Proprietary tools for customisation

Fetches a premium


All the controllers above coupled with copious hours of Fortnite game play should definitely increase your skills over the average player. Fortnites main point of difference as a Battle Royale game is the ability to build, console players have always been at a dis-advantage when it comes to building, with the addition of the extra paddles on all the controllers above and a bit of training, you can elevate your building proficiency.

In my opinion the controller I would choose if I was a casual gamer looking to elevate my game, taking into account performance, construction and price, I would choose the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. It is a good all-rounder and a no compromise controller, you still get the wireless functionality, additional paddles and premium materials Microsoft knocked this one out the Park.

Do you use a pro controller? If so, what do you use? Comment below and let me know