Beats X Wireless Earbuds – Are They Any Good?

Beats X Wireless Earbuds – Are They Any Good?

May 12, 2018 8 By Marvin

I took me years to finally get a decent pair of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds and then I stumbled upon the Beats X Wireless Earbuds. No surprise here guys and girls this is going to be a pretty positive breakdown.

I personally hunted these down after my previous Bluetooth headphones decided that 1 year of use was enough and called it quits. I will be elaborating on all the important features of these earbuds and why I use them as my daily go to.


Fast Connection

There is nothing more annoying than struggling to connect your Bluetooth headphones for 5 minutes, it sorta ruins the convenience factor and makes me want to grab a pair of wired headphones. Fear not!, I have never had an issue with the Beats X. It’s scary fast at connecting to your phone and it doesn’t discriminate, Android or Apple this thing is a beast, “It’s a Beast by Dre” – Marv 2018

For all you Apple lovers the Beats X wireless earbuds have the W1 chip in them making them a great alternative to the Ear Pods. They are also the most affordable way to get into a W1 equipped wireless earbud.

I’m an Android user and these pair instantly every single time so I have no issue recommending these to other Android users

Fast Fuel

How many times have you forgotten to charge your Bluetooth headphones the night before and when you go to use them they are flat? Personally, many, many, many times. These earbuds have a feature called Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge will give you 2 hours of playback and on a full charge you will get 8 hours of playback, this feature alone sold these earbuds for me.


The only thing im not a big fan of as an Android user is that you have to use a lightning cable to charge these, standard Apple entrapment. It’s 2018 and USB C is a thing come on.

Fast Life

These are billed as lifestyle earbuds and are simplistic in their design making them usable in everyday life. They aren’t “TRUE” wireless earbuds, there is a Flex Form cable that connects both earbuds and contours to the back of your neck.

The standout feature for me is when you are not using the earbuds you can just let them hang around your neck and the 2 earbuds are magnetized so they stick together. Such a simple solution and you never have to worry about losing these guys. If you don’t like wearing these around your neck when you aren’t using them they are super pocketable as well.


The Beats X wireless earbuds come in a few colors – Matte Gold, Matte Silver, Matte Black, White, Grey and Blue. I chose the Matte Black because I can wear it with almost any outfit and I generally love anything Matte Black


In my opinion Beats headphones have always been aimed at the bass heads and the audio quality has been muddy at best. These on the other hand have a decent clarity to them and a great for daily listening or at the gym, the bass is still present and quite impressive for the size of these.

Audiophiles out there would be better to go the route of anything Bose or Audiotechnica for a more pure sound, but for the everyday listener these are perfect in my opinion.


There you have it, this is a fairly short review because these are a very simple pair of wireless earbuds. If you are in the market for a new pair of wireless earbuds and you aren’t an Audiophile, I highly recommend you put the Beats X wireless earbuds on your list.

If you are an Apple user these are a no brainer and if you are an Android user, im sure you have an extra charge brick lying around that you can attach a lightning cable to :).



I hope you enjoyed this review, what are your favorite pair of Bluetooth Headphones? Comment below and let me know.