Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

October 4, 2019 10 By Marvin

Late last year I wrote an article about the Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 4, in that exchange, the Series 4 came out on top. With the release of the Apple Watch Series 5, I’m excited to see how Apple has improved on an already amazing Smart Watch. Those that know me, know that I’m an Android fanboy, but I’ve always said the Apple Watch is the best Smart Watch available. My opinion hasn’t changed in 2019, the King is still quite clearly the Apple Watch.

In this article, I will discuss the changes that Apple has made to the Apple Watch and if it’s worth the purchase.

Apple Watch Series 5


Series 5 was released on September 20th, 2019 after being showed off at Apples Fall Event on September 10th. One thing I do like about Apple, they don’t make you wait very long once they have announced a new product.

The new Apple Watch will cost $399 USD for the 40mm GPS only Model, and $429 USD for the 44mm GPS only Model. The 40mm Cellular Model starts at $499 USD, and the 44mm Cellular model is $529 USD. Pretty standard pricing for the Apple Watch.


One thing to note, Apple has stopped selling the Apple Watch Series 4. Expect there to be some decent bargains online. Click here to check them out

Apple Watch Series 5 New Features

To be honest, the Apple Watch Series 5 isn’t a big upgrade from the very impressive Series 4. I won’t bore you with all the features that the Apple Watch 5 has, just check out my article on the Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 4. They have essentially added a compass, an always-on display, and a few different case materials, but that’s it.

Always-on Display



The addition of a compass isn’t anything revolutionary, so I’m not going to talk about it. What I will talk about it the Always-on Display. Most OLED displays have this ability and it amazes me that the Apple Watch didn’t implement it earlier. Most of its competitors have this feature already.

Having an Always-on Display stops the need to raise your arm whenever you want to check the time. Now you can just glance at the display and it will show the watch face dimmed, inverted in color, or black and white. This way it allows you to use the watch as a watch, and not an electronic device that isn’t useful unless you are pocking at it.

As with all Always on Displays, Battery drain is a real issue. You used to be able to get a full day out of the Series 4, you will struggle to get a full day out of the 5. That is the biggest update to the Watch, to be honest. Apple claims they have allowed certain apps to have access to more memory, and doubled the onboard storage, but they aren’t major updates at all.

Case materials were the other big update. You can now get Ceramic and Titanium for the watch cases. There are a number of new band designs, as always, those bands are interchangeable with all Apple Watches. You can also get some pretty expensive Apple Watches that have subtle design cues from the likes of Hermes.




Apple has updated the App Store for the watch and watchOS 6 will be available on the 5. WatchOS 6 aims to improve the user experience by streamlining Fitness functionality, improving Siri integration, and providing female cycle tracking.

Summary – Apple Watch Series 5

I’m a fan of the Apple Watch, it is still the best Smart Watch on the Market. Even though the Series 5 isn’t a big leap forward, It’s still miles ahead of any other manufacturer. If Apple up and decided to make the Apple Watch compatible with every smartphone today, every Apple Watch Series 5 in the world would be sold out tomorrow.

If you don’t want to spend the big bucks on the Apple Watch Series 5, you will be able to pick up a bargain on the Series 4 from most retailers. Matter of fact, if you don’t need to have the latest and greatest Apple products, I would recommend the Series 4 over the Series 5.

I hope you enjoyed this quick breakdown of everything that is new on the Apple Watch Series 5. If you did, drop a comment below or share this article.